What is fencing?

Fencing is a western martial art which challenges both physically and mentally.  It is a modern sport with an ancient pedigree. Carvings showing sporting bouts with masks, judges and blunted swords have been found in Egypt dating back to around 1200 BC.

The sport as we know it today was really born out of the renaissance fashions for duelling with light, personal weapons. Schools sprang up in order to train aspiring duelists and from these the modern sport of fencing was born. Fencing is one of the few sports which has featured in every modern Olympic Games.

Modern sports fencing uses three different weapons – foil, épée and sabre.  Each has its own distinctive techniques and styles. It is suitable for all ages and both men and women can enjoy it.

Fencing is a discipline which requires concentration and quick thinking and helps to develop mental as well as physical dexterity. For all the changes it has gone through, the core of the sport is still a contest between two duelists pitting wits and blades against each other.

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