2022 Restart

With the lifting of further restrictions in the next week, the club will be restarting on Thursday 27 January.

As before the break we will be meeting at Marybank Hall, 19:30 for juniors and beginners and 20:30 for seniors/experienced fencers. We are also still operating the booking system to help us manage numbers and maintain track and trace information. You can find the booking form for the first week back here.

Due to restrictions and personal circumstances we are unfortunately postponing our AGM again but hope to be bringing you details of the new date shortly.


One thought on “2022 Restart”

  1. Hi there, I was just wondering where and when the club is meeting at the moment?
    I’m up visiting my Dad, Bill Thorburn- you’ll know him as your clubs first ever fencer, and it would be great to get him over again to see you.

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