Dingwall’s First Fencer!

On Thursday 16 June, we got a visit from Bill Thorburn, who reckons he is the club’s first ever fencer. Bill had been in touch with us over lockdown and finally managed to come in and see us.

Bill began fencing whilst a pupil in Dingwall Academy around 1950. He discovered that teacher John Fleck was a fencer, and persuaded him to give him a few lessons. A few other boys living in the hostel found out and together they became the first incarnation of Dingwall Fencing Club (originally known as Dingwall Academy Fencing Club).

Bill spent some time chatting with us, watching the fencing and also brought in some photos of the club from his days. We took the opportunity to present him with a certificate marking him as a life member of the club, something which had been agreed at the AGM the previous week. We also took the chance to get a picture of Bill with some of our current fencers.

Dingwall fencers circa 1952. five young men in whites
Dingwall Fencing Club circa 1952. L to R, Back Row: Bill Thorburn, Hamish Holmes. Front Row: Graham Munro, Norman Macrae, Richard Montieth
photograph of five Dingwall fencers in the 1950s
Dingwall Fencing club in 2022, with Bill Thorburn
Stag Kinghts, Assemble! Dingwall Fencers, 2022, with Bill Thorburn, First Fencer.

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