Ian Michael – “Retiral”

It came as a bit of a blow to hear this week that due to his work commitments club stalwart Iain Michael was going to have to step down as treasurer and would be unable to continue attending the club.

The longest serving Dingwall Fencer still active, Iain has been fencing since before most of our current members were born. He has been with the club through several of its incarnations and was very much instrumental in its most recent reboot. He has been part of the committee since it was reformed and has been club treasurer for over 5 years. In that time the club has grown and developed from being on the point of closing down to being the thriving community of fencers it is today and this is in no small part due to Ian’s contribution.
As well as serving as treasurer Ian has also been responsible for ordering equipment and keeping the armoury stocked as well as doing a lot of coaching, especially with younger fencers. He has also infected a number of our fencers with sabre, but we forgive him for that. He has always been keen to encourage our developing fencers to take part in competitions.
It has been a privilege to work alongside Ian. I know that he will be missed at the club and we hope that his circumstances might change in the future so he can take his place amongst us once again. Once a Stag Knight, always a Stag Knight!
Thanks for everything, Ian.

David Ferguson – Club Chair


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