Dingwall Fencers’ Dundee Duel Results

All seven of our fencers acquitted themselves well on Saturday at the 2019 Dundee Duel, with some paricularly good results for some of them.

The Seven Stag Knights: Hannah, Fergus, Tom, Ben, Peter, Lachlan & Struan

All of our fencers got well into double figures of wins, including those in their first ‘senior’ competition, so well done to everybody.  Three of our fencers finished in the top half of the rankings with Hannah, Fergus and Tom coming in as the third placed team in the competition.  Additionally Fergus won best school pupil, with Hannah tying in third place for school pupils.  Tom went one further by winning the overall competition, racking up an impressive 57 wins.

Stag Knights A: Tom, Hannah, Fergus

It’s great to see that the club, though small, continues to punch above it’s weight and we are delighted to see our younger fencers getting stuck in and developing well.  Congratulations to one and all, well done Stag Knights!


Photo Credits: Katie Whitson


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